Testing Requirements

Test requirements for groove welds QW452 consists of either:

One face bend and one root bend except for welding positions 5G & 6G which require 4 bends (Ref QW452.1 Note 4). If the plate exceeds 3/8" side bends may be used.  See QW 466 for precise details and exceptions.

  • Note: Bend Tests can in most cases be replaced by Radiography (See Below).

  • Radiography is optional and must be supplemented by bend tests when using GMAW (MIG/MAG) with dip transfer (Short Circuiting Arc) or when welding some special materials. Ref. QW304.

    Note: Ultrasonic Examination in lieu of Radiography is not permitted
Test requirements for fillet welds in plate ref. QW452.5:
  • One macro section (QW 184) and One fracture test (QW182).
The location where each specimen has to be taken is defined in QW463

Radiography Ref QW 191
  • A length of at least 6" must be examined for plate or the entire circumference for pipe.
  • If the pipe circumference is less than 6" then more samples must be welded up to a maximum of 4. Ref QW 302.2.
Visual Examination Ref QW 302.2 & QW 190
Performance test coupons must show complete joint penetration with full fusion of the weld metal and base metal. The welder performance test must follow a properly qualified W.P.S. Once qualified the welder must always work within the extent of approval of any properly qualified W.P.S. and his W.P.Q.
The welder who qualifies the P.Q.R. is automatically approved within the limits specified in QW304, QW305 and QW303. Ref QW301.2.